Mission Statement

We strive to help our customers gain a youthful, bright complexion without the use of invasive and often dangerous cosmetic surgery. We vow to use only the most effective, wholesome formulas and to never utilize animal testing for profits. We prioritize transparency, efficacy, and most importantly, integrity.

Company Info / About Us

Hilton Lifestyle Group was founded upon the goal of creating products that improve the health and appearance of our customers through innovative, age-delay skincare. Founded in 2016, the company identifies industry trends and formulates corresponding products, creating a compelling marketing position for each product line, and educating the consumer to build and maintain strong relationships for growth.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is an American businesswoman, DJ, television personality, socialite, model and singer. As an iconic tastemaker with tens of millions of followers and multiple successful product lines, Paris has become an undeniable icon with the ability to create dominating trends around the world. Remarkably, throughout her career Paris has maintained a smooth, vibrant and seemingly-ageless complexion without the use of cosmetic surgery (including minimally invasive procedures). Now, she wants to share her secret with the world: that healthy skin emanates from the inside out. Thus, Paris decided to found a skincare line that utilizes groundbreaking super-ingredients like GenoMatrix to alleviate damage from factors like UV rays, pollutants, and collagen loss for an age-defying complexion.