Wedding Skincare Checklist

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by B. Whitfield - Staff Writer

Dear Bride to Be: You’ve read every magazine and blog, tagging your bridesmaids in countless Instagram inspo pics, and your Pinterest board? Well, that might have been created before he proposed but don’t worry, we won’t spill the tea. Orchestrating a wedding – whether it be an elopement, city hall, local backyard or destination- is never an easy task. That’s why we’re here to make at least one part of planning for your big day a little easier. To help you put your best face forward, we’ve created a wedding skincare checklist and timeline. Whether you have 12 months or 12 days to prep, we’re here to make sure that your walk down the aisle is a breeze.  (But not too much breeze because that would mess up your hair.)

9 - 12 Months: If you’re a year or more out, commence your wedding skincare prep journey with a visit to a dermatologist. Need help finding one? Use the AAD’s (American Academy of Dermatologists) search tool. A derm can properly assess and address serious concerns or issues that at-home treatments and over the counter products simply cannot tackle – such as acne, rosacea and/or hyperpigmentation.  Get all your questions answered by a medical expert, review your options and work with her/him to map out a professionally game plan.

6 Months: Ask your beauty junkie friends and/or skim Yelp for estheticians/facialist reco’s and schedule consultations with 2-3 before committing to one. Once you’ve found “the one,” work with her/him to schedule monthly facials, with your final facial being two weeks before your wedding day. Also, discuss if any enhancement treatments (microdermabrasion, light therapy and/or peels) make sense for your skin type and goals.

Monthly facials might sound like a time and budget drain, but it’s one of your best bets for getting that clear, bright, and beautiful glow. Don’t forget to ask your facialist to recommend products use at home that will complement all his/her hard work!

4-5 Months: If you want that coveted bridal glow, what you do on the inside is just as important as what you do on the outside. Your fitness regimen and nutrition plan should support your skincare goals. Workout, eat clean, take a multivitamin, and consider specialty vitamins (Biotin is a gal’s BFF) and supplements formulated to bring out the best in your hair, skin, and nails.

3 Months: Congrats: it’s 90 days until you walk down the aisle (aka: you can see the finish line!) Pat yourself on the back for all the time, energy, money and hard work you’ve put in thus far. With only 90 days left, right now focus on not giving up! Be consistent, heck, be more determined than ever. Your skin is probably looking better already, but don’t let your guard down! Stick to your daily AM/PM routine (cleanse, tone, serums, treatment, eye creams, moisturize). When you’re three months out, you’re no longer in the safety zone for more serious treatments; if your facialist and/or derm had recommended say, a chemical peel, it’s now or never to ensure no adverse reactions affect your big day.

1 Month: Hydrate like no one is watching. Any by this we mean invest in a reusable water and drink, drink, drink! Be sure your daily AM moisturizer contains sunscreen and don’t even think about adding any new products to your routine. One of the best things you can do right now is getting some shut-eye – it’s called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. Turn on the bedtime mode on your smartphone, it’s an easy evening reminder to start getting ready for bed.

2 Weeks: If you haven’t yet already, this is the time to swear off alcohol, refined sugars and salt. Two weeks out, you should be enjoying your last facial as a single lady and start using sheet masks on a daily basis. New to sheet masks? They’re easy (and a little slimy)!  Just apply your serum first and then apply the sheet mask – don’t worry it won’t “ruin” the serum, it will actually help it be more effective. With sheet masks, only leave it on your face per the mask’s instructions. Never let the mask dry out while on your face otherwise, it has the reverse effect.

1 Week: Seven days out? You’re likely stressing. You’ll feel like you have a million things to do, but try to carve out time to take a yoga class, or use a free meditation app to relax and chill at work or at home.  Drink as much water as you can, no cheating Re: consuming refined sugar and salt, layer on that sunscreen, and get plenty of rest. This week, incorporate some easy facial massage techniques into your routine- it will decrease bloat and increase that bridal glow. And be on guard - make sure any surfaces your near-perfect skin comes in contact with this week – pillows, cell phones, even your own fingers - are clean.

Day-of: With all the excitement and buzz, many brides forgo their morning routines on the actual day. Be sure to do your full routine (including a sheet mask) and don’t bother putting on a stitch of makeup until it’s show time. Bags under your eyes? Toss two spoons in the freezer for 60 minutes then lay them over your eyes for 10 minutes. Hydrate, moisturize, sit back and enjoy your special day – we guarantee your skin will radiate and dazzle.  

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