5 Easy Steps: How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

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High cheekbones, a sculpted jaw, rosy cheeks. Let's face it - we all love the defined look that contouring gives us. But many of us don't have the patience to sit through "How To" YouTube beauty videos, and most of us aren't makeup pros.

What do you do if your skin needs a pick-me-up? Or if your face looks bloated? Or how can you "sculpt" your natural face shape before applying makeup? Whatever your needs, facial massage is the natural solution you've been looking for.

Before we tell you how to do it, are you a little curious why it works? Massaging the face can stimulate collagen growth, promote lymphatic drainage (read: bye bye bloat) and decongest your pores. Even Beyoncé’s makeup artist raves about the amazing perks of facial massages, and we all know Beyoncé’s Skin is both GOAT and GOALS. 

Not buying it yet? Still convinced that facial massages are just an excuse for estheticians to slap ya around for 50 minutes and charge you an arm and a leg? Well, in addition to all the skintastic benefits, the best part of facial massage is that it's not only for those who have the time or money to get a professional facial. Facial massage is quick, easy and you can do it yourself. Dedicate a mere 2-5 minutes each day (preferably twice a day, morning and night) and your skin will thank you.

Here's how to quickly and easily massage your face to contoured, bloat-free, glowing perfection. Each area of your face is unique so read on for a step by step guide on how to tackle each part. Always begin facial massaging by cleansing your face as usual and don't forget to wash your hands well (bacteria is gross). Then, grab your favorite serum and/or face oil, and let the massaging begin!

Neck, Jawline and Chin Massage

Start with your neck. With your palms open, begin at your collarbone and make vertical, sweeping strokes up to your jawline (Pro Tip: Use medium pressure; quick pace). Then, place both thumbs side by side on your chin and make a sweeping butterfly motion moving toward your earlobes, using your thumbs to trace your jawline and lower cheek (Pro Tip: Use medium pressure; average pace).

Mouth and Nose Massage

Start in the middle area of your upper lip and use your thumbs to gently stretch down and around the shape of your lips (until your lips make a pouty face). Then, immediately circle back around your lips to the top of your cupid’s bow (Pro Tip: Use medium pressure; slow pace on the way down, quick pace when circling back up).

Next, using your index fingers, run your fingers up your smile lines (fancy official name for smiles lines is nasolabial folds), and then up the sides of your nose until you reach your brow bone (Pro Tip: Use medium pressure, slow pace).

Brow and Eye Massage

When you've arrived at your brow area, do as yogis do and give yourself a relaxing yogic temple massage. If you've ever been to a yoga class, you'll recall this awesome part of shavasana where the teacher surprises you with a mini massage.

Start in between your eyes. Using your ring, index and middle fingers, loop outward around the bridge of your brow bone and across your eyebrows (Pro Tip: Use light pressure; slow pace). 

Then, using your index finger, start near your tear ducts and begin to gently tap your under eye area. *Remember to be super gentle as the skin around the eye area is ultra-delicate. *  Use your thumbs to apply light, soothing pressure on your temple area (Omm’ing during this step is also optional and encouraged). 

Finish by softly closing both eyelids with your thumbs and relaxing for a few seconds. Feel free to think about how great your skin is about to look.

Forehead and Cheek Massage

Start above your brow bones. Using your index, middle and ring fingers, use a sweeping rainbow motion toward your hairline, ending near your temples (Pro Tip: Medium pressure; average speed).

Next, take your hands back down to the corners of your mouth. Make soft fists with your hands (as if you're holding onto a penny). Using your knuckles and the backs of your fingers, slowly "rake" in an upward, diagonal motion towards your ears and temple area (Pro Tip: Medium pressure; quick speed).

Ta-Dah! That's all there is to an effective and easy facial massage! Use this guide to add facial massage to your daily skincare routine and you'll be glowing in no time!


1.) First, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face and don't forget to wash your hands!

2.) Rub your favorite serum or facial oil between your hands before you begin to get things warmed up and circulating.

3.) Always use sweeping, gentle motions. Instead of going "up and down" or "back and forth" always restart each motion from a lower area of your face and work upward and outward.

4.) Be super gentle with the skin around the delicate eye area! Only use your fingertips to lightly tap, never rub or massage the eye area or use intense pressure.

5.) Massage for a few minutes twice a day- morning and night.


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